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Depression 18th May, 2015


We all have days which feel better than others and we have difficult patches and then we come out of the other end, but depression is different.  Feelings of intense negativity persist for a long time and they do not go away.  The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) statistics show that 3-6% of adults in the UK population suffer depression.  The Mental Health Foundation states that “between 8-12% of the population experience depression in any year”.  What is depression?  What causes it?  How can we get better?

What is depression?

Sufferers of depression can have real difficulty getting up in the morning to face the new day.  They often experience a lack of sleep, they can have a loss of appetite and also low energy and sometimes find it difficult to concentrate.  Feelings often include immense sadness, hopelessness, guilt, low self-worth and negativity.  Sufferers can feel a loss of interest or pleasure.  Depression can lead to feelings of isolation and failure.

What causes depression?

Depression can be a response to bereavement or job loss, or can follow a serious physical illness, or relationship and family problems, or experiences from childhood.  Often there is not a single cause that can be easily identified and counselling and psychotherapy can be useful to make sense of what is happening.

How can we get better?

No matter what the cause, you can recover from depression and help is readily available.  As the statistics quoted at the top of this page illustrate, depression is common, so you are not alone.

Your GP will be able to advise you on where you can seek counselling or therapy and also might discuss medication with you.

Many people find that counselling is more effective than medication at finding a long-term cure for depression.  The chance to talk things over in a supportive relationship is the starting point for working out how to make changes to your life to gain a sense of fulfilment and to move out of depression.

Or you could look online as a first step.  Here are some useful websites:,,,

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